The future is B’Right

This collection is the perfect choice for forward-thinkers who value functionality and modern design. Created to facilitate your journeys through everyday life, these products can accompany you at home or in your workplace, on the go and at your leisure time.

We care

B’Right products are carefully crafted with a design that emphasises the use of natural and recycled materials. All for the sake of the environment.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

We work in accordance with the 3R rule - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Hence, we offer items such as cotton tote bags, fruit and veg sacs, bamboo encased electronics or rPET backpacks.

What does B'right
stand for?

The B’Right brand was established to stay ahead of the times, offering functional products and smart solutions, responding to the needs of the 2020s.

The idea behind the B’Right collection is to create alternative products to well-known and functional gadgets, like power banks, chargers, sun glasses made from wheat straw or bamboo, and laptop backpacks or waist bags made from rPET.



What’s your pick: RPET laptop backpack or waist bag? Or maybe an organic cotton drawstring bag? Pack up and hit the road!


Cotton bags for fruits and vegetables will effectively help reduce the amount of disposable plastic packaging. Check what else we have prepared with a conscious lifestyle in mind.


A bamboo wireless charger and a phone stand in one saves space and materials. For notetaking - a long-lasting bamboo pencil. See our best solutions for effective and environmentally friendly promotion that keeps up with the latest trends.


Your choice matters! Choose promotional gifts that support sustainability.

We develop the B’Right brand to show the world how simple it can be to combine concern for the environment with product quality, functionality and comfort of use. We are constantly expanding this collection with new models, following the latest trends and the ever-changing customer needs.



B’Right promotional gadgets are available for personalisation - let your cause grow on others!

Laser engraving

A durable, precise and effective marking technique for advertising items. Usually applied to metal, wood, leather surfaces, as well as painted metals, plastics and glass.

Direct to film

DTF (Direct to Film), is a technology of thermal transfer prints in FULL COLOR, characterized by high quality and durability of the print. The full range of colors and gradations are used for DTF transfer.Thanks to DTF we have possibility to imprint graphics of any shape, in high quality and in vivid colors.The technology is perfect for personalization of textiles, flat surfaces and other materials dedicated to ordinary transfer.

Tampo print

Popular printing technique used mainly for small advertising articles, made of plastic, metal, rubber, paper, glass, wood etc. The desired print is applied to the product with a flexible "sponge".

Screen print

This alternative to tampo print allows you to customize larger surfaces, limited only by screen size. It is perfect for single and multicolour printing on both flat and round articles made of various materials.

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